Bobby & Amy's Proposal Story

Kansas City, MO
Wedding Date: May 2, 2014


"After months of Amy showing me vintage styled wedding rings that were either, actual one-of-a-kind antiques, far out of our budget mind you, or not made anymore, I went on a search for something with that style and quality, but in our price range. After a month of searching I thought I was out of luck. My only option would be something custom. Remembering a few of Ambrosia’s awesome jewelry designs from attending the same design school, I got in contact with her and began the custom design process.

 The original plan was to ask Amy at the end of a mission’s trip to Africa. We were booked for a nice resort style hotel in Kampala, the capital of Uganda, the last few days of the trip, which would be perfect. There was a spot overlooking all of Kampala. After two nights of coming close to asking with the ring burning a hole in my pocket, I decided…forced actually, to wait until the last day. With only a few hours left in Uganda I knew I was running out of time.

 With lunch approaching we all sat down to eat in the courtyard of the mall. I needed to get the ring out of my backpack so I excused myself to the restroom. After returning I fidgeted around with my gopro for a few minutes acting like I was just recording the time at the mall. I then swiftly handed the camera over to a friend that was with us and asked Amy to stand up. To which she replied, “No!” I then asked again and after standing up I nervously popped the questions as I knelt to one knee. And the rest is history!!!"

 Watch the YouTube video of how Bobby asked Amy to marry him.