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Being Different in a Different Kind of World

Growing up, being different was weird. You looked, dressed, talked, and thought differently than everyone else around you. You naturally swam against the crowd. It was tough and lonely at times.

But it seems like today, more and more people want to be "different." They want to feel special and stand out, so they start to swim against the flow too. And soon the flow of the current changes and crowd becomes the "different."

But what many don't realize that being different isn't a popular choice; its not a fad. When you are different, you view the world with a fresh, new perspective, yet respect all who is in it- regardless if they are your kind of different. Yes, you may endure tough times by yourself, but you celebrate with the very few who are different like you!

Being different is standing above the crowds and becoming who you were truly are and were meant to be.

So I encourage you today to be a different kind of different- YOU!

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