Chance & Katelyn : Proposal Story


August 2018

Chance had planned a trip for us to go to Colorado. It didn’t take much convincing to go. I enjoy the mountains and hiking. Our first night there, we went up the mountain trail Trail Ridge Road. But with me getting motion sick, we turned around. Chance later told me he wanted to ask me at the top of the mountain. The next day he surprised me with a day full of hiking. We hiked to a lake surrounded by mountain peaks and we found a spot that was a boulder in the water. I was looking the other way and when I looked at him, he had the ring out and he asked me to marry him. I told him if he were to ever to propose to me to make sure it’s a ring from a local business. Shopping small and local means a lot to me. I honestly was so shocked to see such a beautiful ring. I didn’t think he would have put as much thought as he did into making a personalized ring for me and I am so incredibly happy that he did.

- Katelyn