Cameron & Danica : Completing the Perfect Puzzle

May 10th, 2019 was the start to the rest of our lives. God has been working in our lives in amazing ways. That morning, the holy spirit told me that today was the day.
We had plans to take family pictures, so we headed to the stone arch bridge in Minneapolis. Cameron was meeting everyone there because we was working on an "after hours project". Little did I know that this day would mark the start of an amazing journey with the love of my life.
As we approached the path down to the river, I notice my mom. My heart started beating out of my chest because I was not expecting her to be there. She gave me a big puzzle piece with a Bible verse on it. As I continue walking, I gain more puzzle pieces from Cameron's mom, my best friend Hayley, and family friend Maria. I put together the pieces but there was still one missing from the center. At the end of the path stands Cameron with the final piece that says, "You will forever and always be my missing puzzle piece". That is when he gets down on one knee and asks the big question. Will you marry me? And of coarse I said yes! Tears of happiness stream down my face as I process what had just happened.
This is our story and our start to a complete puzzle.

- Danica

Carver, Minnesota


Congratulations Cameron & Danica on your engagement!
We were honored to be a part of your special day. 
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