Davey & Tiff's Love Story


     It all started 13 years ago at a little event called "Days of '59." I was wearing a Johnny Cash t-shirt and this guy walks up to me with the same t-shirt. "Hey, you're wearing my shirt," Davey said and first thought in my mind is oh great, this guy is trying to hit on me and I'm not interested. "I think you're wearing my shirt," I say. We ended up talking the rest of the night and got along. After a couple years of seeing each other around and hanging out once in a while, things just kind of fizzled out and we lost contact for 7 years.

     Seven years later around Halloween, mind you sometime in November, my best friend and I were enjoying some tacos at La Juanita's. "Don't turn around, but Davey and his friends just walked through the door and he's wearing a Count Chocula costume." Again, thoughts run through "Please don't sit by me, please don't sit by me...." And right next to me he sits. "Oh hi Davey." Once again, we started talking. After some noncommittal back and forth for the next 6 months, we decide we should give this a real chance. 

                                                           Fast forward 5 years, we are riding on a train at the Sioux City Railroad Museum about to say "I do." 



     We wanted rings that would represent both of us, April Diamond birthstone and December Turquoise.

Ambrosia made this happen and we couldn't be happier!