Ambrosia Spreading a Little Christmas Cheer

Every Christmas season, I search for women who show courage, strength and beauty. Many times as women, we do not feel like we hold these qualities and are often too hard on ourselves. Sometimes we need friends to remind us how amazing we are. 

I am excited to announce Katy was nominated by several friends to be given a very special gift -an Ambrosia Druzy Necklace. Katy has been an inspiration to friends and a warrior for her family throughout the journey of Cancer and other private personal matters. I pray this gift brings a smile to her face and reflects the amazing woman she truly is.

- Ambrosia


A message from Katy of Sioux City, IA:

So I haven’t even posted about this yet, because I’m still in shock. About a week ago, my dear friend Renae asked me to remind her of my address. Thinking it was for a Christmas card, I was happy to oblige. And then a few days ago, this came in the mail. To say I was stunned, humbled and thankful are understatements x 10.

2016 sucked. 2017 got better. And then 2018 happened and it truly was the worst year of my life. In a 2.5 year time frame when I kept saying things couldn’t get much worse, the last 6 months got much much worse. And if it wasn’t for my family and friends (and of course, the two little ones I get to tuck into bed most nights) I don’t know how I’d have made it through.

There are too many to name. To many friends and family that have reached out with open arms and open hearts. In this case though, 3 friends got together and nominated me to win a contest held by a local artist/jeweler. And somehow, I won. Their kind words won me a beautiful prize. And more importantly, their kind words made me feel strong and loved. And MOST importantly, when I was sobbing, reading the letter and let Mady read it, she looked at me and said, “well, you ARE all these things.”

I make mistakes. I screw things up. I worry too much. I have a lot of flaws both emotionally and physically. But there are people out there that still love me and see me for the person I strive to be. My daughter sees me for who I strive to be. I may not be perfect, but I’m loved. Still. I will survive all of this.

Thank you Renae, Julie and Rebekah. You three mean the world to me. And thank you to Ambrosia for the beautiful gift. The picture just doesn’t do the necklace justice. Now I need a place to wear it! The school carpool line isn’t nearly fancy enough!