Is it Meant to Be?

A few years ago, I was debating about creating a Design Studio open to the public. For six years I had a private shop and traveled around the country to expand my business. I always dreamed about having a large space to expand and upgrade my equipment, more storage and a creative place to work.

I was excited to start looking around at several building locations, yet I was little intimidated as basically it would be a mortgage payment (and then some) that I am responsible for. I did a lot of calculations and knew I could do it.

work desk

There were several locations that I believed to be the perfect spot! The right location, the perfect amount of space, decent rent costs... I drove past one location for months thinking, 'if it's meant to be, it will be!' (We've all had those rational thoughts before).

But it fell through. Ugh, I was upset, but I will keep on looking.

Ok, now this location is it! And it fell through.

No, this place is it! And it sold while we walked through it.

For different reasons, each location started to fall through or had its downfalls. I started to have doubts if this decision was really a good idea. I started to believe that maybe this is a sign that I shouldn't do it.

When things don't go our way, we start to come up with reasons and excuses to justify why things are not lining up or going as smoothly as we thought it should be.

'If it's meant to be, then it should happen quicker and easier!'

We rationalize and start convincing ourselves, 'I guess, this just isn't for me.' And we stand there disappointed as the door closes in front of our face and we give up.

choose door

During those couple of years of searching, I imagined what I wanted my location to look like. Big open space with a couch and big screen to custom design with my clients. High ceilings, room for a shop, my own office, and a garage to store all my show equipment. I laughed, 'a garage? How am I going to ever find a place with a garage?'

design area

I believe if you don't envision exactly what you want, you will never get what you want. You have to daydream about it, sleep about it, and talk about it daily. Having vision is one skill my parents taught me at a very young age. I can look at a piece of jewelry, a room, or an ugly old building and see its potential. 

When you envision the what if's, could be's and should be's... they will be.

inside design area

Long story short, my husband found the perfect building for us. It wasn't even on the market yet. I did not see an old tired looking building, I saw the open space, high ceilings and yes, even a large garage!

studio before picture

We have all heard of the phrase when one door closes another one opens. I believe if one door closes, go find the key. So many times we just let an opportunity slip by and we move on.

But what if it is meant to be? What if this really could be it? Why shouldn't it be your door?

Then get to work on finding a key, bang on the door, and yell as you walk through: "THIS WILL BE!"


Late nights during the week of the Grand Opening with my assistant Marlee Rich.


fortune cookieThis is from my fortune cookie during the time we were looking for a building. 'A dream of yours will soon become reality.'