John & Patty : Soul Mates

Four years ago, Patty had one of those amazing days where everything lined up perfectly. It was July 13th which happens to be Patty’s favorite number and throughout the day she saw thirteen’s everywhere. That evening Patty shared with her husband John how great her ‘lucky day’ was.

The next morning, John had passed away unexpectedly. Patty’s lucky day immediately turned into a hard week of planning a funeral and losing her best friend. As she was driven to John’s funeral, Patty’s friend pointed out how her vehicle was completely surrounded by butterflies. It was like John was sending her a little message showing that he was still with her that day. Patty loves butterflies as she had a butterfly tattoo with a modified infinity symbol to represent her longtime friendship with her three best girl friends.


Design Details:

John and Patty’s wedding rings were melted together to be casted into a custom ring designed with special meaning. Patty’s original diamonds were removed and reset into a smooth bezel to provide a durable setting for her busy lifestyle. The shape of Patty’s butterfly tattoo was engraved on the side of the ring along with an anchor representing John’s career in the Navy and his love for boating. On the outside edges, the double weave design signifies their 20+ years of marriage together. Lastly, John’s favorite number was four and is represented by four infinity designs. The infinity symbol had a special meaning for John and Patty as their “love will last to infinity and beyond.”

Two tone infinity wedding ring

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“This ring means so much to me. After losing John, I continued to wear my wedding band along with his, either around my neck or on my thumb. John and I were soul mates and best friends. Losing him so early in his life was/still is very hard. I loved meeting with Ambrosia. She listened to my little love story and took all the important meanings and incorporated them in my gorgeous new ring.”

 - Patty 

Decatur, Nebraska



Patty it was a pleasure working together on this very special piece.  We shared in a few tears together, but I hope this ring will bring a smile to your face when you remember all of the good times you and John had together.