Daniel & Brianna: The YES Day!

May 19, 2019- The YES day!

About a month prior to our engagement, Daniel confronted me asking if he could take me on a trip to Colorado for my graduation present. Little did I know, that we would begin the trip as boyfriend and girlfriend but come home as an engaged couple!

Our first day in Colorado, we went hiking in the Rocky Mountains, specifically hiking the Emerald Lake trail. It was a 3.6 mile round trip trail with an ending elevation of 10,110 feet. We hiked the icy and snowy trails, laughing along the way as we slipped and fell numerous times. When we reached our destination of Emerald Lake, Daniel asked a person to take picture of us, which we had been doing throughout the hike. I thought it was just another picture.

As we posed for the picture in front of the beautiful mountain landscape, all of a sudden Daniel stepped aside, looked me in the eyes, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him. With overjoyed, tearful eyes and a wide-spread smile on my face, I said yes to the love of my life in the beautiful scenery of the Rocky Mountains!

- Brianna

Sioux Center, Iowa

Congratulations Daniel & Brianna on your engagement!
We were honored to be a part of your special day.
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