What Does Your Diamond Say About You?

When it comes to diamond cuts, we are all attracted to a certain shape. Did you ever think that maybe your diamond is reflecting who you really are? Are you outgoing and bold? Or are you timeless and classic? Or maybe you are a hopeless romantic?

Whatever your personality is, your diamond can reflect your inner goddess. Read below about each diamond shape to see if you are wearing the correct diamond.

Vintage Diamond Wedding RingCriss Cross Diamond Ring


The round diamond is the most popular diamond shape, representing approximately 75% of all diamonds sold. These brilliant diamonds reflect the most amount of light and sparkle due to its perfectly symmetrical shape. A round diamond is loved by many women who reflect a timeless and classic style.

Women who are attracted to this popular diamond are a genuine people-person. They deeply care about their family and friends and are there when they are needed the most. The greatest characteristics of round diamond wearers are their listening and communication skills. With these skills, they are able to read people easily and spot a phony right away. They may be easy going, but watch out as you do not want to lie or cross the line with a round diamond lover!

These team-oriented women are effective managers and leaders in their careers. Round diamond wearers work hard to balance the harmony at home or in the workplace. They are the mediator to make sure everyone is doing their part to help with the success of the team.

“My style is timeless” - I am a Round Diamond


Bypass Princess Diamond RingTwist Princess Engagement Ring


Square shaped diamonds were cut for the princesses of this world! The princess cut diamond was first introduced in 1980 and has become a popular choice for engagement rings. Princess cut diamonds can be cut in a perfectly square shape or a slight rectangular shape and women who love princess cut diamonds will notice the difference!

Others may call these women perfectionists, but they just know what they want! Princess cut diamond wearers love the little design features in jewelry and have an eye for detail. It may take some extra time to design their wedding ring, but when it's right- it is perfect!

These ‘get the job done’ kind of women are drawn towards structure and to-do lists to help them stay on track to reach their goals. You can always count on a princess cut diamond fan as they are reliable and loyal to their family and friends. Yes they may be competitive and hard working, but they will meet your expectations and get the job done. 

“Get out of my way and watch me make things happen!” I am a Princess Cut Diamond.


Oval Halo Rose Gold Engagement RingTwo tone bypass twist engagement ring


Oval shaped diamonds has been a popular choice for engagement rings and colored gemstones. The shape was introduced in the late 1950-1960's and creates a timeless look. This beautiful shape looks fabulous in any style of jewelry and is making a comeback in engagement ring designs.

Oval diamond wearers are ones to design a classic engagement ring to compliment their unique style. Their style is not too crazy or trendy. It is a distinct, yet a traditional look. Their engagement ring design may have been influenced by their mother’s wedding ring or an old family heirloom.

These creative and spirited women are dependable and maybe a little predictable. But watch out! Every now and then they like to experience life a little on the crazy side. Their persuasiveness and captivating personality may draw you in to do something a little daring too! Oval diamond lovers are easy to get along with as you cannot help but fall in love with their bright personality and warm hearts.

“Let’s jump in together!” - I am an Oval Diamond.

Cushion Vintage Engagement Ringcushion halo ring


Cushion shaped diamonds were cut for the royalty and are seen in many antique rings. This brilliant diamond can be found in a square or rectangular shape with rounded corners. This vintage style of diamond gives any ring a soft and romantic vibe, loved by many classic women of today.

The cushion diamond is cherished by women who live in a romantic fairytale. Their heads are always up in the clouds as they daydream about what their story holds for their future. If a woman is attracted to this diamond, she considers herself strong, dependable and strives to be a team player. Her personal relationships with family and friends are her greatest joys.

Cushion diamond wearers have a warm and soft soul which compliments the diamond’s rounded pillow shape. When custom designing for cushion diamond lovers, focus on a timeless look. These women have a traditional, classic and ageless style. 

“I am the author of my own fairy tale.” I am a Cushion Diamond.

Marquise Diamond RingModern Marquise Diamond Ring


The marquise diamond was a popular choice in the 1980’s and is making its appearance back into the jewelry industry. This football-shaped or eye-shaped diamond is known for creating a larger illusion compared to other diamonds of the same carat weight. The marquise diamond is perfect for the woman who has the ‘go big or go home’ personality!

When custom designing for a marquise diamond lover, you can never have enough sparkle. They want to express their unique and creative personality through design. If the ring makes a grand entrance before you, then the design is perfect!

The points on each end of the marquise diamond reflect a woman's strong and bold personality. These creative women are ones who are always thinking about a new way to do something. Some may claim they are a little disorganized or have a short attention span, but really it is just their mind racing with new ideas!

“My favorite color is sparkle.” - I am a Marquise Diamond.


Trillion Bypass Engagement Ring


Triangle and trillion diamonds are similar in shape, yet have a very distinct look. A triangle diamond will have straight edges while a trillion cut diamond will have slight rounded edges to give a softer appearance. Women who love this modern shaped diamond are confident in themselves as they don’t follow the crowd. They make their own fashion statements!

Trillion cut diamonds are not the most popular shape used in jewelry, but that is why their fans adore them. They are proud of their uniqueness and are not afraid to show it off. When custom designing jewelry they want something that no one else has!

Trillion cut diamond lovers are decisive and love making bold moves. These task-oriented women think quickly and are not afraid to be in a power position. As a leader, they do well under pressure and are able to stay focused on the end goal. Of course they are ambitious and competitive because they desire to be recognized for their hard work and they don’t mind showing it off to family and friends. 

“Keep this conversation short, I have places to be and things to do.” I am a Triangle Diamond.

Pear Diamond Twist Engagement RingPear Halo Engagement Ring


Pear shaped diamonds or also known as teardrop diamonds can make a bold or traditional look to any engagement ring. Women who are drawn towards pear shaped diamonds are happy to take a classic style of ring and add their unique personality to the design.

The marquise diamond wearers want to be the life of the party, the oval diamonds want to be towards the back of the party, while the pear diamond wearers love hosting the party. They enjoy being around others and sharing their adventurous stories. You cannot help but fall in love with their passion, spontaneous personality and kind heart.

When custom designing for the pear diamond lovers, they may lean towards a traditional style, but will add a modern twist. They have a creative spirit and are always asking ‘what if?’ While working with others, they will have several fabulous ideas to always make the design a little bit better.

“Life is too short for boring.” - I am a Pear Diamond.

Heart Diamond Curved Ring


The heart cut diamond is overlooked by many, and loved only by the purest of hearts. This unique shaped diamond is rarely used in engagement rings, but if cut proportionally it will have an amazing brilliance. A woman who is drawn towards heart shaped diamonds is more than just a hopeless romantic.

This symbolic shape reflects the love and passion a woman has for her soulmate and family. She is sensitive and pure of heart. This woman is always thinking of others and goes out of her way to give a lending hand. She aims to please people while keeping the peace and harmony in the family or workplace. 

Yes heart diamond lovers wear their heart on their sleeve, but they are also not afraid to show their flaws to those she can trust. She is who she is and wants her jewelry to reflect her personality. When custom designing jewelry for this woman, focus on a classic design with a touch of modern flair.

“I am waiting for my Prince Charming.” - I am a Heart Diamond.

Emerald Diamond Wedding RingRadiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring


These rectangular shaped diamonds each have a very distinctive look. Emerald cut diamonds are step cut which creates an open table and crystal clear view through the diamond. As a radiant diamond is cut to give brilliance of a princess cut but with an elongated shape. Women who love the long rectangular shaped diamonds are ones who strive to grow to become a better person.

These adventurous women are seeking and exploring new ways in which they can grow and develop. They don’t need the approval of others as they have a good sense of who they are and where they are going.

When designing jewelry for rectangle shape diamond fans, they are open to new ideas. They are curious what improvements can be made and are willing to accept design suggestions. These women are never pushy nor are they afraid to voice their opinions as they are not easily offended. Instead they will ask more questions and clarification so they can see the whole picture.

Rectangle cut diamond wearers encourage and inspire their family and friends to not be afraid of change. Instead they see change as a way to create a new and exciting story to share with others.

“Embrace change and take a chance!” I am an Emerald or Radiant diamond.

Multi-row diamond ring

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