The Story Behind the Ring

Tyler & Whitney's Wedding

Tyler & Whitney's Wedding 0

Sioux Falls, SD
Wedding Date: November 21, 2015TylerWhitney




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Bobby & Amy's Proposal Story 0

Kansas City, MO
Wedding Date: May 2, 2014


"After months of Amy showing me vintage styled wedding rings that were either, actual one-of-a-kind antiques, far out of our budget mind you, or not made anymore, I went on a search for something with that style and quality, but in our price range. After a month of searching I thought I was out of luck. My only option would be something custom. Remembering a few of Ambrosia’s awesome jewelry designs from attending the same design school, I got in contact with her and began the custom design process.

 The original plan was to ask Amy at the end of a mission’s trip to Africa. We were booked for a nice resort style hotel in Kampala, the capital of Uganda, the last few days of the trip, which would be perfect. There was a spot overlooking all of Kampala. After two nights of coming close to asking with the ring burning a hole in my pocket, I decided…forced actually, to wait until the last day. With only a few hours left in Uganda I knew I was running out of time.

 With lunch approaching we all sat down to eat in the courtyard of the mall. I needed to get the ring out of my backpack so I excused myself to the restroom. After returning I fidgeted around with my gopro for a few minutes acting like I was just recording the time at the mall. I then swiftly handed the camera over to a friend that was with us and asked Amy to stand up. To which she replied, “No!” I then asked again and after standing up I nervously popped the questions as I knelt to one knee. And the rest is history!!!"

 Watch the YouTube video of how Bobby asked Amy to marry him.



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Leslie's Generation Family Ring 0

"The beginning of this wonderful composition of memories started with the wedding of my wonderful husband, Monte, on August 24, 1973, when the wedding ring was placed on my finger. It rarely left my finger the first five years of marriage, but never left my finger for 24 years. Through all those years that ring went through dirt, grime, baby food, plaster and clay.

 The next ring that entered into my life was my mothers ring, indicating the love for my four sons. Number three entered my life after the death of my mother. The final ring is the inspiration for this entire piece. It was given to me by my son, Dana, who gave the same ring to his brothers, Kyle and Kevin. One was left at the grave site of our son Colin, along with one for himself and Monte. This ring is a symbol of four sons with three survivors. We all wear them in honor of our son, Colin, and how much he is missed and loved.

 The thought of creating this ring came by accident. While throwing on the wheel, one of my favorite things to do in the art room, and when I washed my hands I noticed my diamond was missing. Together, with the creativity of a past student, Ambrosia, has created a memory based entwined piece of beautiful jewelry."


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Karla's Heirloom Story 0

Columbus, Nebraska

"There are many memories I have with my Grandma! She was always so proud of me with all of my accomplishments and told me to always fight hard for what's right in life. There are only less than a handful of times where I've seen her cry. I still think she was the strongest person I have ever met in my lifetime!!

 She gave some of the best hugs and she was the glue that kept all 28 of us pretty close. We always called each other on Nebraska Volleyball nights

during matches and in between sets, cheering loudly from our homes where no one could hear us but ourselves. After every game, she'd always say to me, 'Now remember someone always has to win and the other has to lose.' I've kinda recently have adopted that motto as it's so true in life as God is always teaching us lessons!

 It's been a little over 2 years now that she has been gone and I miss her more today than ever, but know she is now free of pain, walking with Jesus and all of her family and friends who went before her! My mom came up with the idea for the rings, so we could all have a piece to remember Grandma by and wear it with a smile on my face almost daily!"



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Dan & Olivia's Proposal Story 0

Scottsbluff, Nebraska

Wedding Date: May 2014

Dan and I have lived in western Nebraska for about 2 years now and the Black Hills are about 3 hours away from where we live. We had talked about making a trip to the Black Hills ever since we moved here, but never found the time.

My birthday was coming up so Dan suggested we go to the Black Hills for my birthday weekend and little did I know he had more up his sleeve than just a little weekend getaway.

We started off the trip by sight seeing all day in the Black Hills and the first night of our trip Dan booked reservations at this cute little rooftop restaurant in Rapid City, SD and reserved a private table overlooking downtown. When our meal came to an end the waitress asked if we wanted complimentary champagne and of course I didn't pass that up!

When the champagne came out my ring was tied to the bottom of the champagne glass and Dan got down on one knee and proposed. I was shocked, excited, emotional, and incredibly happy so of course I said "YES"!

 Our wedding is planned for May and I couldn't be more excited to spend the rest of my life with my best friend!



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Annie's Surprise Anniversary Gift 0

Omaha, Nebraska

"One day my sister asked me what my ideas were for my dream wedding ring. I did my best to explain what was in my head and I sent her a dozen pictures of other rings, each with a different look or feature that I liked. A few sketches later, I received an email with a design, and that was it!

In the meantime, my husband Travis over heard our conversations on the phone and he started talking to my sister and I had no idea. About 3 weeks before our 11th anniversary, I suggested to my sister that she should put a little bug in Travis ear and remind him of my ring. She said she would, but it would be very difficult to get it done by our Anniversary date and perhaps it can be a Christmas gift. What she didn't tell me was she had the mold and casting of my ring done already, she's sneaky.

Just a couple of days before our anniversary, Travis was going to the store and I told him I needed new vacuum bags. Instead he came home with a whole new vacuum. That was great because it was about time for a new one, but then he said that was my anniversary gift. Now we don't usually do big fancy gifts, but a vacuum?!

So it's now our anniversary day. I took our kids out to my parents to spend the night because we were going out to the movies. I get home and shortly after, Travis came home and said he went to Walmart to pick up my anniversary gift. I said 'I thought the vacuum was my gift,' being a smart mouth. He gives me the Walmart sack and I pull out Milk Duds for the movie and a little wrapped box. I know Walmart doesn't have fancy little wrapped boxes or provide gift wrapping.

In the back of my mind I thought it would be so unbelievable if this could be my ring, but that's not like Travis. He's practical and a joker, but this time he stepped out of his norm. I opened it up and IT WAS MY RING! I could not believe it; I was shock and excited! Travis just won the husband of the year award!

The computer picture I originally saw didn't do the final ring justice, it was amazing!  I immediately texted my sister with excitement and told her how great she did. I have received so many compliments from people regarding my ring. I have such a talented sister that loves what she does and will bend over backwards to make each person's moment special.

Now I have this special ring that is me, my style and the one and only out there. But, most importantly it reminds me of my awesome husband that I'm married to every day of my life."

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