Mark & Nicole's Proposal Story

Ralston, Nebraska

Wedding Date: August 2012


I fell in love with Ambrosia's custom designed engagement rings before I fell in love with Mark actually, and while I wasn't quite sure if he would or wouldn't be my husband, I had no doubts I would love my ring! It took me another year to be sure I had the right man and when I gave him the okay to start designing, I later found out he was already a few weeks ahead of me.

With a timeline on the completion of the ring, it was time for Mark to get the scary stuff out of the way - asking my parents' permission. Mark met with my step-dad and mom, told them he loved me - couldn't imagine living the rest of his life without me - and that he was there to ask their blessing. Word is, Scott smiled a lot and said he had no problem with that, Cindy didn't cry, but may have teared up a little and got really yappy and nervous (sshhhhh....let's not tell her that). That night was considered a victory in and of itself since they both said yes.

And then it was time to call my dad. However, Mark was REALLY nervous about talking to him, so luckily he had time to rehearse because there was no answer the first day he called. The following day my stepmom was very excited about his reason for calling! She told Mark about how she felt "something" the first time she met him, and even though it was probably just gas pains from whatever she ate earlier, somehow her feeling was right on. Mark then had about a 20 minute conversation with my dad. In the end he gave his blessing, along with the expected unsolicited advice of a father. Himself at the time, the father of a 10 year old girl, Mark patiently listened as he could only imagine what might go through the mind of a father about to give away his only little girl.

With the ring ready to go on a Friday and Mark not being able to wait any longer, he lied about going to his Aunt Kathy's (which he joyfully admitted later) when instead he was driving hours away to pick up the ring. Once home, the ring was hidden under Mark's bed and I slept over it unknowingly that evening.

We were engaged on Friday, October 28th, and I recall distinctly that Mark was unusually crabby and even more absent minded on the days preceding. (Perhaps somebody was nervous!) Our kids were with grandma, Date Night was on the agenda, and Mark was looking very much forward to a Whiskey Steak at the Drover. It was 6pm when he picked me up and right there at the top of the stairs in my living room I turned around to find him on one knee holding out the most beautiful piece of jewelry I will ever own! Of course I said yes, but not long before my mouth got dry and I uttered I need water.

I vividly remember these things: Staring at the ring the entire drive thankful I had recently done my nails, silently struggling walking into the restaurant with wobbly-newly-engaged legs, and wearing the most radiant smile my face had ever known. "Reservations for Saldivar" [for 8 right this way] "Who else is here?" I ask. "Pretty much everyone" says Mark with a smile. As we round the corner I am welcomed to a table with my parents, Mark's parents, and our children. A champagne toast followed dinner and Mark and I ended the evening at the very place it all began on April 24, 2010. It was a perfectly orchestrated night centered around a girl and a ring, and I thank my stars every day for my faith in love.


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