Aaron and Talia's Proposal Story

Lincoln, Nebraska

Wedding Date: September 2011


Aaron had been in Oakland, CA all week, so when he came back, he had a present for me. I was sure it was something embarrassing... like a Raiders cheerleading outfit or something.

 Aaron had it all planned out and I was not expecting this at all! He was acting odd all week and we hadn't talked much because of his trip. So as I am opening this large pink gift in front of me, I see a glimpse of neon green. That could only mean one thing: he bought me an XBOX... really?!

I was "less than thrilled." He came closer and started opening up the package saying he got 'a really good deal and even included the hockey game we first played together.' I just sat there as he's getting all this stuff out and say 'this is more of a gift for you than me!'

Just then he places the consul on the table and slipped inside is a piece of paper with highlighter written on it. I read it out loud "Talia, I love you. Will you marry me?' As I followed it with 'are you kidding me?' I turned around and he was on one knee with the ring.

After what seemed like a long pause to Aaron, I couldn't believe what was happening, I said 'YES!' Aaron then showed me where the ring was engraved on the inside. The ring is so special to me, especially since Aaron designed it. Aaron and I decided on a September wedding to be held in Kearney.



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