Custom Design Steps

Custom designing a special piece of jewelry is very rewarding and educational when you work with Ambrosia. Not only do you know that no one else has the same design, but you also have the opportunity to add your personal touch and unique personality. Creating custom jewelry is very simple whether you design personally near our workshop or are out of State. We travel across the Midwest to personally meet with our clients, or with the help of technology of email and Skype, we are never limited by your location. We welcome you to take a tour through our workshop to learn more about each step of Ambrosia's custom jewelry process.


custom jewelry design steps




You have the flexibility to customize any design that you see on our website or start from scratch with your own unique ideas. All we need is a spark of imagination. Bring in your simple napkin sketches or if you can’t draw, don’t worry- explain your ideas to our jewelry artist and we will bring your ideas to paper.

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Have you seen a jewelry piece that you have always dreamed of wearing? Or maybe you have several pictures of different design aspects that you like? Email or bring along all of your photographs, Pinterest pins or magazine cut outs. You will be amazed at how Ambrosia can recreate or combine all of your ideas into a beautiful masterpiece.

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Ambrosia specializes and is widely known for redesigning, combining and restoring old jewelry into gorgeous pieces of art. We have the experience of removing several old gemstones and diamonds, re-polishing and re-setting them into custom designed jewelry. You may have several little treasures just waiting in your jewelry box to be redesigned into something new that you will enjoy to wear again.

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