My Design Style

Finding the perfect engagement ring is fun and relaxing with the help of Ambrosia. Each of us have our own style and unique personality, and we understand you want to custom design an engagement ring or special necklace that reflect her uniqueness. Below we have several different styles of rings to help you get started on custom designing. We can combine multiple styles, features and details to create your special masterpiece.

      solitaire ring    solitaire swirl ring    solitaire vintage ring


The diamond solitaire setting was introduced in 1886 and still today has remained a brides-to-be's most popular choice. The word solitaire means 'one'- there is only one gemstone or diamond. Do not let this classic setting mislead you as you can create a very unique look with modern or vintage shapes and lines. Create a dramatic look by changing the shape of the center diamond or set a colored gemstone.

     petite single band ring     petite double ring     petite three stone ring


A petite style of engagement ring is made up of small diamonds and intricate details. This style of ring gives the illusion that the gold band is covered with glitter as the small diamonds add a large amount of sparkle. The overall style of the ring can have a simple classic appearance or customize with flowing curves.

     halo round single ring     halo twist ring     halo split shank ring


Halo diamond engagement rings are highly desirable because of their striking details and dazzling sparkle. The halo is made up of many small diamonds surrounding the center diamond as it resembles a halo around an angel's head. This style of setting enhances the center diamond by giving it a larger appearance while creating more sparkle. This setting can be adapted to compliment any main diamond's shape or size.

     vintage single ring     vintage wide ring     vintage swirl ring


Vintage engagement rings reflect styles from the early 1900's-1930's. This style of ring has stunning details including beaded filigree, engraving, and intricate cutout patterns. Vintage rings can be combined with other styles that are listed to create a personalized design. Ambrosia can create a halo or solitaire ring with a vintage flair that looks like it came from the rolling 20's era. Or customize a modern shaped ring with vintage engraved details.

     modern three band ring     modern swirl ring     modern weave ring


Modern styling puts a new 'twist' on engagement rings. Modern jewelry was introduced in the late 1940's after World War II. Designers seen jewelry as wearable art and started experimenting with new materials and unique shapes. Create a stronger modern appearance by setting a square princess-cut diamond in the center. You can also mix and match different colors of gold to create a dramatic appearance.

     contemporary offset ring     contemporary offset ring     contemporary angled ring


Contemporary jewelry is sought after for its daring angles, asymmetrical lines and unexpected combination of diamond shapes, colors and sizes. Create a bold look by switching out the traditional diamond for a colored gemstone. The soft curves or angular lines of these rings create a dramatic and striking appearance.