The Designing Journey

Ambrosia specializes in custom designing and redesigning jewelry. Clients from across the country are referred to work with us as our process is educational, enjoyable and easy. Here are the steps to guide you throughout your designing journey…

    • We ask all clients to fill out our design questionnaire to provide more information about your upcoming project. You will need to provide contact information, photos of your current jewelry (redesign projects only), and inspiration images of your jewelry style, along with your budget range. Just like building a custom home, your estimate will be influenced by the details you can provide.
    • Click here for the link>> Questionnaire
  2. Design Consultation
    • After reviewing your questionnaire, Ambrosia will calculate if your project is realistic for your timeframe, design ideas, or budget range. After assessing your information, she will schedule a free 20 minute phone call or in-person design consultation to discuss further.
    • If a client is more than 10 minutes late, their consultation will be rescheduled. Please keep in mind, reschedules could be set out two weeks or more. If a client reschedules twice, they will lose their spot in line and Ambrosia will be in contact if she has an opening several months out.
  3. Estimate
    • Most people have never been given the opportunity to custom design their own jewelry, therefore are unsure what budget seems realistic. All high-end jewelers charge a fee prior to meeting or scheduling a consultation. Instead, Ambrosia calculates an estimate, while providing material options and suggestions prior to any monetary commitment. Our clientele appreciates and respects Ambrosia’s time and devotion she adds into each and every project.
  4. Design Phase
    • Ambrosia spends numerous hours creating illustrations of your design ideas. We ask for a $200 deposit to start the design phase. This deposit includes 1-3 original design concept images along with one design adjustment if needed. If additional images or new design concepts are requested, an additional $200 deposit will be required.
    • Unlike other designers, Ambrosia does not charge a design fee. Your initial $200 deposit will be credited towards your final invoice. (excluding additional design deposits). If client does not proceed with their order within 60 days, the deposit is forfeited and used to cover the time and costs developed during the design phase.
    • It does not matter if you live out of state or down the street, Ambrosia helps you hand-select your own diamonds or gemstones to be set into your new jewelry. Through videos and multiple photos, you will find the perfect gem for you. New estimates will reflect any changes made when selecting your gemstones and diamonds.
    • For redesign projects, Ambrosia inspects all stones prior during the design phase. We look for any diamonds or gemstones with chips, cracks or scratches. You will be notified if we are concerned a stone(s) will not survive the process of removing from the original mounting or being reset. If a diamond or gemstone was damaged by us, we will be responsible to replace it with a similar color, clarity and quality (no monetary value in return). All enhanced treatments must be brought to our attention. We are not responsible for any damaged caused to pre-damaged, enhanced, or treated diamonds and gemstones. 
      • You will receive trade-in gold market value of original mountings after removal of stones. Value will be credited towards final invoice.
      • Please keep in mind using diamonds from multiple pieces, the diamonds can be slightly different shades of color.
      • Your original diamonds and gemstones will be graded, weighed, measured for a new appraisal value.
      • After a design concept illustration is finalized and the estimate is approved, a 3D computer rendering is generated of your custom jewelry design. Expect 7-10 days for your life-like images to be completed as most projects require 8-10 uninterrupted hours from Ambrosia’s schedule to create. She uses state-of-the-art computer programs to build your jewelry, creating prongs and channels, while showing your exact size of diamonds or gemstones.
      • A 50% payment is required to start your computer renderings. Payment can be made in the Studio, mailed or an invoice emailed for hassle-free payment. Custom orders cannot be changed, cancelled, exchanged or returned.
      • Ambrosia provides one minor adjustment after completing the 3D model. This includes, changing the gold material color, moving stones slightly, or changing the ring size. Additional costs could occur with more complex changes for example changing sizes or location of stones, adding or removing engraved details and making areas wider or narrower. If major changes or a new model is requested by the client, a $250 charge may apply.
      • Please keep in mind, not all changes are quick fixes. We want you to be completely happy with your custom jewelry, so we ask many questions during the design phase to prevent changes to the 3D renderings.
    2. WAX MOLD
      • Now you are extremely excited as you have approved your renderings. These images look so real and we know you are ready to wear your new masterpiece! You will have to wait just a little bit longer… about 4-6 more weeks.
      • Your model is soon built from a 3D printer for precise details and accuracy. This wax mold can be reviewed prior to casting. For $125, you can “try on” your own jewelry piece prior to casting. As a reminder, this mold is made from wax and is very fragile! If any changes are requested or the wax is damaged, additional costs could apply.
    3. CASTING
      • We provide a variety of materials we can cast your jewelry in. During the design phase, Ambrosia will discuss with you each materials benefit and provide suggestions for your design project. Expect two weeks for casting (maybe longer during busy seasons).
      • For redesign projects, we have the ability to reuse your gold into the new casting. All of the original mountings must be the same gold color and karat quality. When recycling old gold, we have to add new gold into the casting to account for shrinkage and to provide a stronger setting. The cost will be about the same whether we use the original gold or use fresh new gold.
    4. SETTING
      • After your jewelry is casted, we fully inspect the piece for any defects, weak points or porosity. If the cast does not meet our standards, we will create a new wax mold and casting (no extra expense to you).
      • Next we move onto hand-setting your diamonds and gemstones and this is when your design really comes to life! Our unique and special techniques are highly sought after as most jewelers do not have the knowledge or experience. We ask for 2-3 weeks to complete depending on our list of projects currently in the works. Something as detailed as jewelry, should not be rushed.
      • After the last stone is set and a final polish is completed, Ambrosia tries on each piece to make sure it feels comfortable. Lastly we complete a free appraisal for any items valued over $1,000. Your final balance will be settled at the time of completion and prior to shipping or delivery. We ship high valued items all over the country as we handle all arrangements for shipping including costs and insurance. Signature is required for delivery.
    As you can see, we keep our process easy and enjoyable! Ambrosia communicates with you throughout the whole process while giving your confidence in your design decisions. From start to finish, a custom design project is estimated to be completed approximately six to eight weeks. Please inform us upfront if you have a timeframe in mind as we work on a first come basis. Ambrosia has been recognized for her designs and has a continuous client waiting list. Projects are worked on in order they were approved and received. Delays can extend the time of completion.
    We look forward to visiting more about designing your next jewelry masterpiece! To continue, please click the link for our design questionnaire. After completion, please send us an email as we are not notified when a form is completed. Ambrosia will be in contact within 3-4 business days.