Beachside Blue Opal Petrified Wood Necklace

These gemstones are sure to wow you with their scenic colors and patterns. Our Opalized Petrified Wood are mined in Indonesia and are showcased for their oceanic and lakeside views. These gemstones colors have not been altered in anyway. They were made made from Mother Nature. Truly breathtaking!

Opal Petrified Wood are natural gemstones which have been formed over time. As the petrified wood was fossilized, groundwater rich in dissolved solids flow over the sediment. As the water evaporates it leaves a silica residue which hardens overtime and creates the vibrant turquoise, blues and yellows opal material. 


  • Natural Opalized Petrified Wood
  • Measurements: 47mm length x 15mm width
  • Material: 925 Sterling Silver
  • Finishes: Rhodium
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