Not Your Traditional Birthstone Necklace

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Jared wanted to surprise his wife with a unique necklace with their family's birthstones. This handcrafted pendant showcases each gemstone, but you will notice these are not traditional birthstone colors seen in typical family jewelry. The top gemstone is a natural color-changing garnet for their son's birth-month of January, the middle stone is a teal colored diamond for Megan's birth-month of April and the last is a blue sapphire for Jared's birth-month of September. Megan now enjoys her very unique and contemporary designed Family necklace.


  • The color-changing garnet is a reddish-purple in indoor lighting and changes to a greenish-purple when exposed to outdoor lighting. 


  • Sterling Silver
  • .06ct. Genuine Gemstones
  • 16-18" Adjustable diamond-cut chain
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