Karla's Heirloom Story

Columbus, Nebraska

"There are many memories I have with my Grandma! She was always so proud of me with all of my accomplishments and told me to always fight hard for what's right in life. There are only less than a handful of times where I've seen her cry. I still think she was the strongest person I have ever met in my lifetime!!

 She gave some of the best hugs and she was the glue that kept all 28 of us pretty close. We always called each other on Nebraska Volleyball nights

during matches and in between sets, cheering loudly from our homes where no one could hear us but ourselves. After every game, she'd always say to me, 'Now remember someone always has to win and the other has to lose.' I've kinda recently have adopted that motto as it's so true in life as God is always teaching us lessons!

 It's been a little over 2 years now that she has been gone and I miss her more today than ever, but know she is now free of pain, walking with Jesus and all of her family and friends who went before her! My mom came up with the idea for the rings, so we could all have a piece to remember Grandma by and wear it with a smile on my face almost daily!"