Ambrosia is a creative artist, ambitious entrepreneur, and a heart-felt designer who believes jewelry is more than just something you wear. It holds a story. Jewelry represents where you came from, reflects who you are, and expresses where you are going. 

With a heart for design and an eye for detail, Ambrosia was inspired to pursue her childhood dream and start her own business in 2011. She transformed her business from working in a basement with only a few tools to now having clients across the United States and several Countries. Known for thinking outside the box and her quality of craftsmanship, Ambrosia has created timeless jewelry pieces loved by fans of all ages.

Ambrosia Sketching


Ambrosia graduated top of her class from the Art Institute of Colorado where she earned her bachelor's degree in industrial design. While attending school, she met her husband and he suggested they design their wedding rings as she did not want the same ring everyone else had from the big box stores. 

Ambrosia was encouraged to pursue the jewelry industry as she interned with a custom design company in Colorado. They were known for custom fine jewelry including creating Super Bowl rings, military memorabilia, and jewelry for celebrities. Ambrosia quickly fell in love with the design process while learning the basics of bench work, casting techniques and cutting gemstones. Her final project was designing, casting and handcrafting her and her husband’s matching wedding rings.

LOVE WHAT YOU DOAmbrosia Benchwork

From the beginning, Ambrosia built her business on the foundation of ‘Impress Beyond Expectations’ through unique design, excellent craftsmanship and personal service. Today, Ambrosia continues her achievements by winning new design awards, highlighted in publications, and has been featured in several fashion shows. Although the Ambrosia company has grown drastically in just a short amount of time, they maintain their focus on giving each one of their clients a memorable experience.


"When others can feel your passion through your work,
then you have become a true artist."
- Ambrosia

Ambrosia JewelerTHE BENCH MAN

Bud has been working with Ambrosia since the Fall of 2014 after showing a coral rose he hand-carved. He has given a unique perspective on how jewelry can be made better and stronger.

At the age of 14, Bud worked in a large jewelry repair shop in Omaha, NE owned by his dad and two other men. His job was to polish all rings, pendants and chains completed by the other fourteen jewelers. He continued the job-release program from school to learn how to repair jewelry into his late 20’s. Being the “bosses’ son” did not give him any leverage and his dad had strict rules on repairing jewelry only the right way.

After his father sold the business, Bud moved to Sioux City with his two children. Over 46 years, Bud has developed many new tricks, always trying new techniques. Many of his tools he has created himself to complete jobs efficiently. Bud has been a great asset as he understands Ambrosia’s vision. Together they make masterpieces come to life.

Ambrosia BookkeepingTHE NUMBERS GUY

This is the man who keeps everything organized and running smoothly. In September 2019, Ray started with Ambrosia, completing all of the bookkeeping, data entry, and bank reconciliations. He has been a lifesaver as he is always providing insights on the business.

Ray has years of experience as a customer service underwriter in Omaha, NE. Throughout the 1980’s, he taught himself how to use computer software to complete his own personal bookkeeping. After his father retired as treasurer for their local church, Ray took over his position in the 90’s. He tried to retire from bookkeeping, but his love for numbers, problem solving, and financial data called him back.

In Ray’s spare time, he loves reading books, traveling across the country to visit family, and watching sci-fi movies. He and his wife have an amazing yard filled with a variety of flowers and plants, including carnivorous plants.


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