How to care for your Ambrosia Jewelry

Materials used by Ambrosia are the finest quality and we hand select each stone to create the perfect collection for you. With proper care your jewelry can maintain its sparkle and shine.

  • Only use Ambrosia jewelry cleaner as others are too harsh and can remove material finishes and damage gemstones. Don't forget to check out our tarnish remover kit for sterling silver jewelry.
  • Store and travel with jewelry in our jewelry boxes or traveling jewelry cases to help prevent scratches on gemstones.
  • We always offer free cleaning and inspection services on all of our jewelry at our Studio location. We recommend every 6 months to have your fine jewelry professionally cleaned and inspected.

Follow these simple steps to help keep your jewelry looking its best year after year.

  • Remove your jewelry prior to showering, cleaning, swimming and laborious activities. These activities can discolor or damage your gemstones, diamonds and metals. 
  • Apply all hairspray, lotions, makeup and perfumes prior to wearing your jewelry as beauty products can create a buildup on jewelry and make your jewelry look dull and dirty.
  • Do not wear jewelry while working with chemicals, cleaning products, bleach, chlorine, salt water or hand sanitizer as these solutions can dry out gemstones and damage gold or silver.
  • Our druzy jewelry are unique as they have an uneven surface due to their natural forming crystals from inside a geode. These crystals formed together as one stone and are fairly durable, yet if not worn with care, these crystals can be discolored from beauty products or damaged from rough wear or storage. Please treat these dazzling gemstones similar to opals and turquoise.

Even though diamonds are the hardest gemstone, it is possible they can be scratched, chipped or cracked. We recommend that your jewelry should be the last thing you put on before walking out the door and the first thing you put away when you return home. With proper care and regular maintenance, your jewelry is sure to keep its sparkle.