Common Questions

You may have some questions about custom designing jewelry, facts about gemstones or how to care for your jewelry. We have listed our most common questions and the answers. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.



When working with Ambrosia, we are not limited by our designs or location. With technology today and our state of the art computer design programs, we are able to work with clients all across the States and other countries. 

Throughout the design process, casting stages and delivery, we communicate frequently to ensure everyone is on the same page, while creating the design you had always imagined. Our detailed sketches, advance 3D computer modeling and personal visits with our jewelry artist will relieve stress and eliminate any confusion.

 During the design phase, you are given the opportunity to work directly with an experienced jewelry artist. As displayed in our custom gallery, a lot of thought and time is invested into every piece of jewelry. Ambrosia works with clients personally by meeting together locally or communicating through Skype, emails and numerous phone calls for those who are distant.

Our advance 3D modeling program provides a realistic image of your custom jewelry. While working directly with our jewelry artist, we offer numerous views from each angle, can alter the size or color of gemstones and can make minor adjustments right in front of your eyes. To learn more about our seven simple steps to custom designing.



Established in the heart of the USA, Ambrosia is located in South Sioux City, Nebraska on the boarders of Iowa, South Dakota and near Minnesota. Our custom jewelry begins with sketches and 3D computer models designed by our Jewelry Artist, and lastly polished and completed here at Ambrosia's design workshop.

Ambrosia's unique style of creating fine jewelry is unlike any traditional large chain store. Our personal approach of meeting one on one with our clients creates a relaxing environment without feeling rushed or pressured. We build an open and friendly relationship as we work together to design the perfect gift for that perfect someone. Designing jewelry locally and meeting our clients personally gives us more flexibility, while reducing the overall investment for our client's high end jewelry.

Here at Ambrosia, we focus on quality, creativity and superior service. We use only the finest quality of materials by hand selecting each gemstone and diamond, while finding the best value that meets your personal needs. No detail is over looked as we personally inspect each jewelry masterpiece before delivery. When it comes to designing custom jewelry through Ambrosia, we handcraft each piece of jewelry knowing it will endure many years of happy memories and enjoyed by future generations.



Many of the jewelry design by Ambrosia is for a very special occasion and we are able to keep the gift a complete surprise. If you are unaware of her ring size or the necklace length preference, don't worry about trying to ask her, while giving the surprise away.

If she has a necklace or ring laying around, you can measure the length with a ruler or take her ring in to be measured by your local jeweler. Keep in mind that each finger on our hands are different sizes- even our dominate hand is slightly larger in size.

Sometimes you may still not have the exact answer. After you present the gift and if the size or length needs to be adjusted, we are here to help. In these situations, we will deliver a new chain at the proper length and return the original chain back to Ambrosia- the only extra charge may be if the chain length is longer. We also provide a one-time ring sizing with shipping to and from our design facility at no extra charge. The ring must be returned to be sized within 4 months of the first delivery.

During the design process, delivery and presentation of the gift, we will be in constant communication. Prior to shipping jewelry or loose stones to Ambrosia, contact us for correct packaging and shipping arrangements.



Here at Ambrosia, we focus on quality, creativity and superior service. We pride ourselves in our attention to fine detail and our personal approach. Our materials used are the finest quality available, we hand select each gemstone and diamond, and we follow recognized jewelry industry standards.

In stock items usually ship from our design facility within 1-2 days after your order has been approved. Custom orders require 4-6 weeks of production time depending on material availability and design considerations before they are delivered. An estimate date of delivery will be discussed at the time of the order.

When your custom design is completed, you will receive a personal phone call from Ambrosia to confirm the shipping address is correct and you will receive an email with the package tracking number. After the package is delivered, we will follow up to assure it arrived safely and met your expectations. If you have any questions or thoughts, we will answer them immediately during our call. Learn more about our custom design process.