Metal Properties

Ambrosia and their team of experienced jewelers have the skills, tools and material required to cast in a wide selection of metals including precious metals, semi-precious metals and alternative metals. Learn more about each metals unique features and feel free to contact Ambrosia with any questions.




Gold is the most popular choice for men's and women's wedding rings and fine jewelry. There are two areas to consider when choosing Gold for your next jewelry- color and karat.

precious jewelry metals1. Color- Gold is available in a variety of color options. Naturally when we think of gold, we imagine a warm yellow tone. Today, we can offer other color variations of Gold by mixing in other alloys when casting a ring or necklace.Gold is the most popular choice for men's and women's wedding rings and fine jewelry. There are two areas to consider when choosing Gold for your next jewelry- color and karat.

White Gold is a very popular choice among brides today. When casting White Gold jewelry, other metal alloys including Nickel, Palladium, Platinum, Magnesium or Zinc can be added to create a white, silver color. Rhodium is a plating solution used by jewelers in the final stage of white gold jewelry to create a protective layer with a chrome-like appearance.

Other popular gold tone options are Black Gold created with black Rhodium, Green Gold created with Silver and Pink/Rose Gold created with Copper. Jewelry can also be made by using a combination of different gold colors, called two-tone or multi-colored.


2. Karat - When measuring the portion of pure Gold in a ring it is called 'Karat.' When measuring the weight or size of a diamond it is called 'Carat.' They are both pronounced the same, but have two completely different meanings in jewelry.

The higher the proportion of Gold used in a ring, the more valuable the ring is worth. Pure Gold is stamped as 24-karat, yet is too soft to be used for jewelry. Other metal alloys are added to Gold mixture to make a stronger and more durable setting. The higher the karat number is, the higher the amount of Gold is in a ring.

For example, 14-karat stamp means that 14 parts out of 24-karat is pure Gold. If a ring is stamped 18-karat, a ring contains 75% pure Gold, 14k is 58.5% pure Gold, and 10-karat only has 41.7% Gold. Here at Ambrosia most of our Gold jewelry is created in 14karat, but we have the flexibility to cast in all karat options.


Platinum is among the purest and most valuable of the precious metals. It is more rare than Gold and more than 60% heavier than 14karat Gold. In its purest form, Platinum is one of the naturally occurring white precious metals that will not tarnish and does not require Rhodium plating.

Platinum is extremely durable and is used for detailed designs that hold rare gemstones. This white metal is a perfect choice for those with allergies, or for those who have experienced reactions to other metals. Platinum contains no skin irritants and has one of the highest purity standards in jewelry. Platinum is stamped either 950 or PLAT.


Palladium is a member of the platinum family and is one of the most rare and scarce metals in the world. The biggest difference between Platinum and Palladium is the metal weight. Platinum is valued higher than Palladium, but it is also heavier in comparison. We love Palladium because it is lightweight similar to White Gold, but its color will not tarnish, fade or require Rhodium plating similar to platinum.

Palladium is known for its hypoallergenic features because it is Nickel free and contains no skin irritants. Ambrosia has created numerous men's wedding ring in Palladium because of its strong and durable attributes. Many jewelers today have the capabilities to resize and repair Palladium jewelry if needed.



silver ringSterling Silver is the most popular alloy of silver, especially in the jewelry world.  Natural silver, also referred to as fine silver, is very soft.  Sterling Silver is 92.5% silver, mixed with 7.5% copper.  You will often see silver branded as 925 silver, this alloy is what they are referencing.  Sterling Silver can tarnish, so proper care is necessary.  Sterling Silver can be removed with a standard ring cutter.




 tungsten ringTungsten Carbide is a Swedish word which literally means “heavy stone.”  Tungsten is the hardest, most scratch resistant material on the market.  We offer Tungsten in its natural color, which is a dark gun metal gray.  Tungsten is alloyed with a nickel base to offer the permanent high polish finish.  When purchasing a Tungsten band, be sure to buy from a reputable manufacturer, because there are a lot of quality control issues with overseas Tungsten producers.  Tungsten, like Vitalium- has limitations on capabilities because of its hardness.  Tungsten can be removed with vice-grips in case of emergency.  Tungsten carbide is often used in tooling and grinding.

cobalt ringCobalt boasts a beautiful, Platinum-like color and is light-weight and hypoallergenic.  Cobalt rings will not chip or crack, making it great for diamonds and custom work.  Cobalt rings are malleable up to a half-size and in case of an emergency, cobalt rings can be removed with a diamond-tip ring cutter.  Cobalt is often used in the medical field.  If you have had a hip replacement, chances are that your hip is made of Cobalt.

titanium ringTitanium was the first contemporary metal on the market.  Titanium is known for its extremely light weight.  Our rings are made from aircraft grade five titanium. This high grade of titanium is the most durable grade available. It has a dark gray color similar to tungsten. Titanium is hypoallergenic and biocompatible. Titanium is a great choice for someone who is looking for a light weight ring and something easy on the pocketbook.  Titanium, though hard, is a great material for customization. Titanium can be cut off with diamond-tip ring cutter.  Titanium is commonly used in aerospace and sporting goods.

stainless steel ringStainless Steel is probably the most well known of the contemporary metals.  Chances are you may have a stainless steel appliance in your home.  Stainless Steel has a beautiful shine to it and can easily be polished right in your store.  That being said, Stainless is most prone of all alternative metals to scratch.  All our stainless jewelry is made from 316L, grade steel. Stainless Steel is the best option for a tight budget.

mokume ringMokume Gane (moh'-coo-may gah'-neh) is the ancient Japanese art of fusing precious metals. Mokume technique was invented by Japanese artisan in the 17th century and created a revolution in feudal sword making. The intricate mokume gane designs on samurai swords were an indication of power and wealth. Mokume Gane translated means wood grain metal. It is named after the patterns created by heating the layers of metal until they are bonded into a solid laminate billet of varying colors.

zirconium ringZirconium is one of the newest metals to be introduced in the contemporary metals collection. Many are familiar with black tungsten and the problems associated with the tungsten staying black. Zirconium is the answer! Zirconium is a natural element which begins with a silver color. After we mill the style you have selected, we then heat treat the ring. The extreme heat causes oxidation and the ring turns black. The oxidization layer is as hard as sapphire and is there to stay. We can then use our diamond tooling to get back into the ring and create those two-toned designs. Zirconium is the best option on the market if you are looking for a black ring and want to get creative.  Zirconium can be cut with a diamond ring cutter.  Apart from the jewelry industry, Zirconium has military purpose.
ceramic ringCeramic in jewelry isn't just your mother's ceramic... Black Diamond Ceramic is a state of the art material.  Ceramic will forever retain its color and shine. It is as scratch-resistant as tungsten carbide, but without the weight. Ceramic is non-metallic which is great for those who may have allergies and our military servicemen and women.  Like, Vitalium and Tungsten, styles are limited due to its hardness.  Ceramic rings can be removed with vice-grips.  Outside of jewelry, you will find Ceramic in the Dentistry and Aerospace.
carbon fiber ringCarbon Fiber rings are undoubtedly the lightest ring on the market. Although they are light, they are extremely durable. The tight weaves make our carbon fiber rings strong enough to support the weight of a grown man standing on it. We make both carbon fiber inlays and solid carbon fiber rings.


 As you can see, here at Ambrosia we are not limited by our metal options. Contact us to receive a free estimate on creating your custom design. We can provide a couple of recommendations and suggestions on which metals will be the best options for your design.