Annie's Surprise Anniversary Gift

Omaha, Nebraska

"One day my sister asked me what my ideas were for my dream wedding ring. I did my best to explain what was in my head and I sent her a dozen pictures of other rings, each with a different look or feature that I liked. A few sketches later, I received an email with a design, and that was it!

In the meantime, my husband Travis over heard our conversations on the phone and he started talking to my sister and I had no idea. About 3 weeks before our 11th anniversary, I suggested to my sister that she should put a little bug in Travis ear and remind him of my ring. She said she would, but it would be very difficult to get it done by our Anniversary date and perhaps it can be a Christmas gift. What she didn't tell me was she had the mold and casting of my ring done already, she's sneaky.

Just a couple of days before our anniversary, Travis was going to the store and I told him I needed new vacuum bags. Instead he came home with a whole new vacuum. That was great because it was about time for a new one, but then he said that was my anniversary gift. Now we don't usually do big fancy gifts, but a vacuum?!

So it's now our anniversary day. I took our kids out to my parents to spend the night because we were going out to the movies. I get home and shortly after, Travis came home and said he went to Walmart to pick up my anniversary gift. I said 'I thought the vacuum was my gift,' being a smart mouth. He gives me the Walmart sack and I pull out Milk Duds for the movie and a little wrapped box. I know Walmart doesn't have fancy little wrapped boxes or provide gift wrapping.

In the back of my mind I thought it would be so unbelievable if this could be my ring, but that's not like Travis. He's practical and a joker, but this time he stepped out of his norm. I opened it up and IT WAS MY RING! I could not believe it; I was shock and excited! Travis just won the husband of the year award!

The computer picture I originally saw didn't do the final ring justice, it was amazing!  I immediately texted my sister with excitement and told her how great she did. I have received so many compliments from people regarding my ring. I have such a talented sister that loves what she does and will bend over backwards to make each person's moment special.

Now I have this special ring that is me, my style and the one and only out there. But, most importantly it reminds me of my awesome husband that I'm married to every day of my life."