Leslie's Generation Family Ring

"The beginning of this wonderful composition of memories started with the wedding of my wonderful husband, Monte, on August 24, 1973, when the wedding ring was placed on my finger. It rarely left my finger the first five years of marriage, but never left my finger for 24 years. Through all those years that ring went through dirt, grime, baby food, plaster and clay.

 The next ring that entered into my life was my mothers ring, indicating the love for my four sons. Number three entered my life after the death of my mother. The final ring is the inspiration for this entire piece. It was given to me by my son, Dana, who gave the same ring to his brothers, Kyle and Kevin. One was left at the grave site of our son Colin, along with one for himself and Monte. This ring is a symbol of four sons with three survivors. We all wear them in honor of our son, Colin, and how much he is missed and loved.

 The thought of creating this ring came by accident. While throwing on the wheel, one of my favorite things to do in the art room, and when I washed my hands I noticed my diamond was missing. Together, with the creativity of a past student, Ambrosia, has created a memory based entwined piece of beautiful jewelry."