Scott & Mallory : Baseball Diamonds and Diamond Rings

March 4, 2019

Scott and I met in college at the University of South Dakota. After dating for almost 8 years, he finally asked me to marry him! 


Scott and I traveled to Kansas City, Missouri, to attend a Kansas City Royals baseball game with some friends. The next day when we woke up for the game, we noticed that it had snowed. We weren’t going to let cold weather scare us away from the game, so we dressed in multiple layers and headed to Kauffman Stadium. When we arrived and entered the stadium, we heard the announcer over the intercom state, “today’s game has been postponed due to inclement weather.” I turned to Scott and said, “now what are we going to do?” Scott replied, “well, we are in here (Kaufman Stadium), might as well walk down and see our seats and take a few pictures.” 

We made our way to our assigned seats and started taking pictures. After a few pictures, our friend said to Scott, “why don’t you change up your pose?” I looked at our friends confused. When I turned back to look at Scott, he was down on one knee!

Scott then said, “Mallory, will you marry me?”

I said, “YES! Finally!”

 - Mallory

South Dakota


Congratulations Scott and Mallory!

We were honored to be a part of this special memory.