Brian & Stacy: We both realized we wanted more than a friendship

BrianStacy Engagement Story
May 2022
We met several years ago while working at a local hospital.  He was a traveling Physical Therapist and she was a Registered Nurse.  Brian decided to hang up his traveling shoes and stay at the local hospital permanently.  We worked together for several years, Stacy left the local hospital and then returned a year later.  When Stacy returned, she was working in a different department and worked closely with the physical therapy department, including Brian.  Brian and Stacy quickly became friends as we got to know each other better.  It wasn't until Stacy left the local hospital that we both realized we wanted more than a friendship.  We started our relationship, which has been wonderful for both of us. 
Now for a quick recap from last year, Brian surprised Stacy by proposing to her in Savannah, GA.  Ambrosia designed her engagement ring.  Of course we had to have Ambrosia design our wedding bands too.  After our engagement, we had a small private ceremony last year.  This year we had our big celebration and 1 year anniversary all in the same week!  Due to COVID, we were unable to have the wedding reception that we truly wanted last year.  We really wanted our friends and family to celebrate our union with us, so we decided to have a wedding blessing, reception, and dance this year.  We chose to have our celebration at the Manning Hausbarn in Manning, IA with the blessing inside the barn followed by the reception in the same area.  We were blessed to have had such a wonderful day with family and friends.  
- Stacy
~ Congratulations Brian & Stacy ~