Chris & Domonique: Always meant for each other

September 2022


Chris and I started dating August 17, 2020. We actually knew each other as kids. We remember some things about that time, but neither of us can recall those memories very well. Nonetheless, we found our way back to each other after so many years! Since then, we have built a little family of our own. We have one dog, Finny, and one cat, Fish. 

On September 17th, 2022 Chris’s mom Michelle had a beautiful wedding right on the lake earlier in the day. He was a groomsmen, and I was the beer girl during the ceremony! At about 7pm, Chris’s cousin announced that the bouquet toss was in a few minutes. Going to the altar, I knew what he was planning because of the huge grin and the ring box in his pocket he was very poorly hiding just before the bouquet toss. His mom counted down, turned and gave the bouquet to me. She then turned me around and Chris walked up smiling and then got down on one knee. He said “Domonique, will you make me the happiest man alive and be my wife?” I of course said yes and gave him a huge hug. The ring he proposed with is absolutely stunning. The center stone is a beautiful sapphire, Chris’s birthstone, surrounded by diamonds. I couldn’t ask for anything more special! Chris and I always talk about how we truly feel like we were made for each other, and now, we can plan to spend the rest of our lives together!

 ~ Congratulations Chris & Domonique ~
South Dakota