Shayeton & Micki: I was completely shocked


July 1st, 2022


Shayeton and I, for our birthdays, had been going out to Colorado to see his family. Little did I know this year was for a slightly different reason other than just my birthday…. We started our vacation by taking Kevin and Cammie's Jeep and side by side up by Idaho Springs to do some riding in the mountains. It was my kiddos first time in Colorado. We wanted to show them the beautiful views. Kevin knew all the best spots to stop and take photos.

I got in the side by side with Shayeton. Evelyn and Emmett hopped in the Jeep with Kevin and Cammie. At our first stop, in my head I had thought, hmmm maybe this would be the perfect time for Shayeton to ask me to marry him. But after letting the kiddos explore and some photo taking, he did not. Totally okay with it. I knew someday it would happen, just maybe not this trip!

We pack up our waters and snacks but this time I get in the Jeep with Kevin and kids. Shayeton and his mom, Cammie, are now in the side by side. The second stop had the most gorgeous view but the drop off was quite steep. Of course my children decide to immediately go towards that drop off. I quickly follow them to tell them to back up.

As I'm standing looking out with my kids, Shayeton is behind me poking my lower back. Didn't think too much of it because he does it all the time. Well this time he just wouldn't stop. I turn around only to find him down on one knee. I was in complete shock that I instantly fell into him! My legs wouldn't work. I knew what he was about to ask me.

Once he caught me and I was able to sit (sorta haha), he asked me to be his forever! Easiest question I have ever answered. He was crying. I was crying. He was able to put the ring on my very shaky finger. At that point, my kiddos knew what was going on. They were smiling ear to ear! It was the most perfect, happiest feeling in the world we all were feeling.

Shayeton really out did himself for me. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect proposal. If I could relive that moment over and over, I would. He teased me before this trip that he had ordered matching earrings to my necklace he bought me that prior fall at a craft fair from Ambrosia, but they just didn't come in on time. He sure got me good because he had designed, with the help of my sister and Ambrosia of course, the ring of my dreams made by my favorite jeweler!!! Everything was perfect. I can not wait to marry this amazing man of mine!


Congratulations Shayeton & Micki
- Nebraska