Summertime Jewelry Care

Grab your sunglasses and flip flops- summer is almost here! With the warmer weather also comes sweat, dirt and sunblock. All which can make our jewelry grimy, gross and dull.

Well no worries as we go through Ambrosia's summertime jewelry checklist to help keep your jewelry sparkling in the sunshine!


Apply sunblock, lotions and bug spray prior to wearing jewelry. Let it completely dry and then put on your jewelry.

  • Lotions and sprays can cause build up between prongs and in jewelry crevices. These products can get trapped around your diamonds and gemstones creating a breeding ground for bacteria and germs.


Take off rings prior to working in the garden or doing outdoor work. 

  • I cant tell you how many times clients have broke off a prong or chipped a diamond while working outside. We are not aware of how much our hands take a beating along with our jewelry regardless to wearing work gloves.

Wear inexpensive jewelry at the beach and the lake. 

  • When your hands are wet, rings become slick and can easily fall off and be lost in the abyss. Instead wear budget friendly jewelry like our Simplstix Collection. They are lightweight and can be layered with any summer outfit. 
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Chlorine and jewelry are not friends.

  • Chlorine is harsh on gold, silver and gemstone. Pools and hot tubs can discolor your jewelry and cause porosity (pits on the surface of gold). Some soft gemstones' finishes can become dull and have to be repolished like pearls, emeralds, opals and turquoise.

Silicone Rings are great to traveling jewelry.

  • While you travel you shouldn't have to worry about losing your wedding ring. Our silicone rings are lightweight, comfortable and come in a variety of colors. Our rings are made in the United States and you don't have to worry about toxic chemicals or odors.
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Don't forget your jewelry needs a spa day too.

During the summer we are hot and sweaty and we pass that stickiness onto our jewelry. After a hot day, take the time to give your jewelry a spa. Dawn dish soap and warm water is a safe option for almost all jewelry. To really make your jewelry shine, check out our amazing jewelry cleaner which is safe for all gemstones including opals, pearls and gold plated jewelry.