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Lifetime Satisfaction

Here at Ambrosia, we focus on quality, creativity and excellent craftsmanship. We pride ourselves in our attention to fine detail and our personal approach. Our materials used are the finest quality available and we hand select each gemstone and diamond to find the perfect collection for you. Ambrosia follows recognized jewelry industry standards and we pride ourselves in our manufacturing process which takes place in the heartland of the USA.

Workmanship Inspection
Before your jewelry is delivered, we complete a meticulous inspection checklist. In the unlikely event that you receive your jewelry with a craftsmanship defect, please contact us within 7 days of receiving your package. We will gladly repair your item or replace it, and deliver your jewelry to you at no additional cost. For instructions and conditions on returning an item for repair please follow our return instructions and contact us prior to shipping.

Lifetime Satisfaction
Jewelry manufactured by Ambrosia are handcrafted to last a lifetime. When jewelry is handled, stored and worn properly, maintenance cost are drastically reduced. While some upkeep is needed due to normal wear, we are proud to offer the following services. *Shipping and insuring costs are excluded.

1. Check prongs and channels for thinning
2. Check prongs alignment
3. Check gemstone setting tightness
4. Tighten all loose gemstones
5. Round out band shape
6. Inspect for any porosity
7. Polish mounting
8. Refinish brush or satin finishes
9. Ultrasonic and steam cleaning
10. Address any areas of wear and tear

Lifetime Mounting Guarantee
For your lifetime, we guarantee our custom mountings for your diamonds and gemstones against all defects in material or craftsmanship. We will repair or replace your mounting without charge if any defects are found. This guarantee is solely for you and is not transferable. We cannot cover the natural wear or aging of materials. Gold, silver and other metals will wear over time and with usage.

In order for your jewelry guarantee to remain in effect, you must have your jewelry inspected and documented every 6 months by Ambrosia. In addition, all necessary repairs and work must be completed by Ambrosia- this includes but not limited to sizings, mounting repairs, and replacing gemstones or diamonds. If any work is performed by another jeweler, this guarantee is no longer valid. We cannot guarantee another jeweler will complete a thorough inspection or complete repairs up to our standards.

If the jewelry has been abused or is past the six month inspection, repairs/replacements will be at the cost of the client. This warranty does not cover gemstones or diamonds unless it was caused by our negligence. Ambrosia is your trusted jeweler; we are not insurers. We recommend adding additional coverage onto your homeowners or renters insurance that will cover the replacement of your new jewelry if needed.

As always, we provide necessary services for jewelry including resizing, rhodium finishing for white gold, replace any broken or lost stones, rebuild prongs and channels, and repair any wear and tear that your jewelry is in need for. The materials needed, labor cost and shipping charges accumulated from these services will be at the cost of the client. For instructions and conditions on returning items for repairs or inspections please contact us before shipping.