Jimi and Yamairah's Proposal Story

Jimi and I had planned on taking a few days off from work in order to celebrate our 3 year dating anniversary. We had an ‘event’ planned for each day, starting with spending the night at a local bed & breakfast.

We checked into the B&B then went out for dinner at our favorite restaurant – the Squeaky Bean. The restaurant has a very intimate feel and Jimi, knowing that I wouldn’t want to be the center of attention in such a small crowded room, did not give any inclination whatsoever throughout the entire dinner of what his plan was.

After dinner was over, we left the restaurant & headed towards the car. I had only made it a few steps past the front door of the Bean when Jimi (who was walking behind me) said “Hey, let me ask you something.” I swung around to find him down on one knee, on the still damp sidewalk (from the rain earlier in the day), holding the open ring box in his hand.

I was in such a state of shock that I asked “Are you serious?!” about five times; each time Jimi’s face grew increasingly more worried. He finally said “Yes, I am serious. I’m not just down here for my health. After realizing that okay, this is indeed happening, I finally said yes. Jimi put the ring on my finger, stood up, and we hugged and kissed.

Then our waiter stepped outside & invited us back in for some champagne – apparently, the entire restaurant had been watching us the whole time! They all applauded when we came inside & the manager of the Squeaky Bean joined us in a congratulatory toast. He took a picture of Jimi and I using Jimi’s iPhone & even posted the picture on the Bean’s Facebook page! We were their first “Beangagement.”



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